DWI/DUI Charges in New York State

In order to obtain a conviction under one of the New York State DWI / DUI laws, the prosecution must establish that a motorist was impaired or intoxicated by the voluntary consumption of; alcohol, drugs, or the combined influence of alcohol and drugs. There are many theories under which the prosecution can base their case. The following is a list of the charges available to the prosecution under the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law §1192:


Each of the above charges, excluding the Zero Tolerance law, carries with it the possibility of incarceration. Fines, State Surcharges and Administrative Fees will be imposed that range from several hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars depending upon the charged crime. During the Free Consultation offered by the office the possible consequences of a conviction and the potential monetary penalties that can be imposed will be explained to you. The following link is provided for your convenience, and provides a comprehensive chart detailing the minimum and maximum fines that can be imposed, the maximum jail sentence that can be imposed and the consequences that a conviction may have on your license. See the NEW YORK STATE DMV BROCHURE on DWI / DUI. In addition to the consequences outlined in the DMV brochure, further practical consequences of a conviction will be addressed during your Free Consultation.


During the Free Consultation, any questions and concerns that you may have will be addressed. The meeting will focus on your case specific circumstances because it is only after being fully informed that you will be in a position to make an educated decision about how to proceed with your case.



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